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April 29, 2007

Juicy 4/30/07

chocolate labrador retriever - Juicy

Juicy likes bubbles!

chcolate labrador - Juicy

Juicy likes to lick the bottle, only today he wanted to eat it.

From: Christine (USA)

Christine also owns the beautiful Dixie. Owning two Labrador Retrievers myself, I bet it's safe to say that Christine has her hands full.

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Dixie 4/29/07

yellow labrador retriever - Dixie

Ok mommy I know I'm dirty and I'm ready for my bath. Be gentle.

yellow labrador - Dixie

Dixie loves to run and play. It's rare she gets the frisbee before Juicy does. You go girl!

yellow lab - Dixie

Dixie is the queen of the couch.

From: Christine (USA)

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April 28, 2007

Farley 4/28/07

Farley - chocolate labrador

This is Farley, a Chocolate Lab. In the background is Jade, a Yellow Lab, waiting for her photo op. :-) She's anxious for her turn so that she can get back to her nap.

To see more of Jade click: Jade 4/24/07

Farley - chocolate labrador retriever

"If I concentrate really hard, maybe that camera will turn into a cookie."

Five more minutes ...

Five more minutes

From: Dana (Canada)

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April 24, 2007

Jade 4/24/2007

yellow labrador retriever - Jade

This is Jade. She is a three year old yellow lab we adopted in July, 2006. She loves to sleep , cuddle, eat, relax, rest, nap and occasionally catch a ball. Despite being a "retriever" she refuses to bring back the ball. She has the most luxurious, silky, soft coat that keeps us warm and toasty during frigid winter nights. She is a gentle soul and brings joy to our lives every single day.

yellow labrador retriever - Jade

The worry wart

From: Dana (Canada)

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April 17, 2007

Jackson 4/17/07

Jackson - yellow labrador retriever

He only looks sad, because he wants to go back in the rain! Pitiful !!! And what a dirty nose, you need a bath Jackson!

I rescued him when he was a pup, from being chained to an abandoned trailer. Later got his papers, after he became ill within 24 hours of me getting him, with Parvo.

Jackson is a Parvo survivor! :)

Jackson - yellow labrador retriever

He has his eyes "fixed" on something else now. Still in the rain.

From: Rebecca (USA)

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April 14, 2007

Angus - AKA "Gus" 4/14/07


Gus is our 7 month old black Labrador Retriever, American bred - long, lean and gorgeous (and a brat!!)

From: Jane (Canada)

To read more about Gus, visit: Labrador Retriever - Skin Problems - Hair Color Change

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April 09, 2007

Bonnie 4/09/07


Bonnie and the easter bunnie

From: Ken (USA)

Great photo Ken! Sorry I'm a day late with posting it.

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April 05, 2007

Oscar 4/05/07

brown labrador retriever puppy - Oscar

Oscar 7 weeks old. What a proud puppy

brown labrador retriever puppy - Oscar

Labrador Easter Puppy. Oscar in an egg. Happy Easter.

brown labrador retriever - Oscar

9 month old Oscar thinking

From: blueintheburgh (USA)

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