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November 28, 2007

Nutmeg 11/28/07

Did you say there was a ball???

chocolate labrador - Nutmeg

Nutmeg Standing Tall

chocolate lab - Nutmeg

chocolate labrador retriever - Nutmeg

Photos From: Darren (England)

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November 25, 2007

Brooklyn 11/25/07

black labrador retriever - Brooklyn

brooklyns a reeeeeeeeeal help when im working in the yard

black lab - Brooklyn

Lab heaven

black labrador - Brooklyn

No, he is NOT in the habit of sitting for me when there are bodies of water around. He's at attention because of the hound behind us :)

Photos From: Ginger (USA)

Wonderful photos g. My favorite is Brooklyn sitting by the water. Well done and a big thank you.

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November 23, 2007

D'argo 11/23/07

chocolate labrador puppy - D'argo

D'argo's gone a duck huntin'

chocolate lab - D'argo

Half dog half bat

chocolate labrador retriever - D'argo

Getting to be a big boy now.

Photos From: OneMipipippi (USA)

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November 21, 2007

Haley 11/21/07

yellow labrador retriever - Haley

yellow labrador - Haley

yellow lab - Haley

Photos From: Russell (USA)

Russell sent in an e-mail to the All About Labradors blog in regards to Haley possibly having tremors and seizures. To read more visit: Yellow Labrador having Seizures/Tremors - part I

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November 18, 2007

Ben 11/18/07

black labrador retriever - Ben

black labrador puppy - Ben

Such an adorable face!

labrador retriever puppy - Ben

Photos From: Jenny (UK)

Jenny sent an e-mail wanting to know if she could do anything to stop Ben's nipping problem. To read more on Ben visit: Stop my eight week old Labrador from nipping - part I

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November 14, 2007

Rocoe 11/14/07

yellow labrador - Roscoe

My Best Friend... my puppies. This one is again of Roscoe who sat on me when I took this, it was a fun day they got their own photo shoot...more coming soon!

yellow lab - Roscoe

Nosey... Just came up and sniffed my camera right as I snapped the shot.

Photos From: Taylor (USA)

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November 12, 2007

Mitzie 11/12/07

yellow Labrador Retriever - Mitzie

She's got that first little bite and it's bye bye ball.

yellow Lab - Mitzie

Mitzie's ears are outgrowing her body!

yellow Labrador - Mitzie

Mitzie is a four month old yellow lab that is in the Puppies Behind Bars program.

Photos From: ppinksky7

For those of you that don't know, Puppies Behind Bars is a wonderful program that trains inmates to raise puppies to become service dogs for the disabled, for the blind and explosive detection for law enforcement.

I would like to commend ppinksky for the noble job she does as a volunteer for Puppies Behind Bars, where she helps to take them out and socialize them .

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November 11, 2007

November 10, 2007

Snoop 11/10/07

black labrador retriever

Snoop doing some mechanical work...

My dad has a repair shop and sometimes takes him to the shop. Snoop is like a kid in a candy store; running around, greeting the clients and of course “helping” with the work.

Photo From: Sergio (USA)

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November 08, 2007

Oliver, Gulliver and Toby 11/08/07


Hi there! / Olá!

Did you miss us?
We did too.... since the new kitten is in the house, it seems that mom only takes pictures of her and the cats...
And now we are quite busy playing with our toys that we got for Christmas for the Secret Exchange.... We are not alowed to keep them all the time, mom is afraid that we would destroy them.... well may be she's right...

Vocês sentiram nossa falta?
Nós também... parece que desde que aquela gatinha chegou aqui em casa a mamãe só tira fotos dela e dos gatos...
E agora estamos ocupados brincando com nossos brinquedos que ganhamos no Natal passado no "amigo oculto". Não estamos autorizados a brincar com eles o tempo todo, a mamãe tem medo que vamos destruí-los rapidinho.... bem... talvez ela tem razão...

labrador retrievers

The boys again... / Os meninos novamente...

I may be smaller than both of you, but certainly I'm much faster! Especially when I'm playing with MY Mr. Green Feet!

Eu posso ser menor que vocês dois, mas certamente sou muito mais rápido!! Especialmente quando estou brincando com o MEU Sr. Pé Verde!

labrador retrievers

My 3 Musketeers (1/3)

Ok Mom.. that's enough now, let's do something more exciting now... (Toby)

Ok Mamãe... chega de fotos, vamos fazer algo mais excitante agora... (Toby)

Photos From: Marina (Brazil)

Thank you Marina for the wonderful photos of your boys. To see more photos of these beautiful Labrador Retrievers just click on the links below.




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November 05, 2007

Dillan 11/05/07

black labrador retriever

Dillan at sherbourne Castle

black labrador

Dillan on the beach in charmouth

Photos From: Dougie

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