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March 29, 2010

Teddy 3/29/10


Teddy (5/3665)

Hiking South Mountain.

No we are not going out again...

No we are not going out again 48/365/2010

Teddy laying on top of the shoes I just came home in. I suppose it was his hope that we would not go out again after being out all morning.

Teddy Bear...

Teddy Bear

This past week someone told me how to make my B&W's look better. I liked this one of Teddy, it almost looks like a sketched image.

Teddy Smiling...

Teddy Smiling 39/365

Teddy was so happy. We played with the ball for 2 hours after I got home tonight. I started playing with a software a wonderful, photography friend introduced me to. This picture is dedicated to her in thankfulness.

Uploaded by saraho25 - AKA: Sarah (USA)

To see more photos of Teddy visit his blog: 365 Teddy Bear Photographs

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March 26, 2010

Bredicot Scamper ( Coco ) 3/26/10

This is Bredicot Scamper ( Coco )

He is a really cool dog.... a real mans best friend!

Bredicot Scamper ( Coco )

Photo from: Neil (United Kingdom)

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March 22, 2010

Ruby 3/22/10




February 3, 2009...

animals february 3, 2009 001

Ruby February 22, 2010...

Ruby February 22, 2010

My sweet 9 year old Lab Ruby. She just recovered from mast cell tumor surgery and is doing awesome.

Photos uploaded by spayneutertech (USA)

Thanks for joining the "Our Lovable Labradors" group. Very happy to hear Ruby is doing better.

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March 18, 2010

Lilu 3/18/10

Is that a bird? or a helicopter? no it's just Lilu :)

is that a brid? or a helicopter? no it's just Lilu ;)



Having fun with her friend...

having fun with her friend

Lady Lilu...

Lady Lilu



Photos uploaded by hutch84 (Parts unknown)

Wonderful photos hutch84, thanks for joining Our Lovable Labradors!

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March 15, 2010

Fetch and Daisy 3/15/10

OK, it's Fetch.... again. He's just like you. Seriously. Tell me you didn't love it when your dad covered you up with sand at the beach!

Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas

Daisy and Brian, Christmas morning, 2008, having a little one on one time.



"Fetch" - peeks out of blind, watching pitching geese.

Eagles jerseys...

Eagles jerseys

Fetch and Daisy ready for kickoff.

Photos uploaded by Mise_1 - AKA Keith (USA)

Hello Keith and thank you for joining the Our Lovable Labradors group. Wonderful photos of Fetch and Daisy! We are all BIG football fans in my home, I think Fetch and Daisy would look even better if they were wearing Dallas Cowboy jerseys!!

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March 04, 2010

Loki 3/4/10

Doggie Star...

Doggie Star

Loki (my baby)- black labrador/whippet/greyhound mix. He is getting ready for St. Patrick's Day. Loki is my special baby. He came to me by accident a year ago. I was working as a Veterinary Technician at the emergency room we met at. When Loki was 6 weeks old he was thrown out of a moving car in the parking lot of the hospital. When the Veterinarian brought him inside she told me I could bring him home. I did. Now, Loki is so spoiled and in a forever home.

Play time (55/365/2010)...

Play time (55/365/2010)

Teddy and Loki playing. Non-touched up.

Mr. St. Patrick???

Mr. St. Patrick???

Uploaded by saraho25 - AKA Sarah (USA)

Great photos, thanks for joining the Our Lovable Labrador group!

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March 01, 2010

Kulula 3/1/10

Here's the wonderful e-mail I received from Jenny, the proud owner of Kulula:

"Attached are five photos of my much loved male Golden Lab, Kulula, who is five years old. I adopted him from the SPCA when he was three years old.

Kulula understands almost everything I say to him and he is truly amazing. When he first came to live with me, he didn't know what a toy was, now he knows all about toys and loves his toys, especially the soft toys, such as his doggy and "Eyeore" and he brings them inside and takes them to bed when told to do so.

Kulula has brought a lot of pleasure and meaning into my life.







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