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April 29, 2008

Bailey... with special guest Buster 04/29/08

Buster and Bailey

7 month old Yellow Labrador Retriever Bailey with special guest Buster.

Photo From: Tara (USA)

Tara had sent me an e-mail in regards to getting A Second Opinion for Hip Dysplasia for Bailey.

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April 27, 2008

April 24, 2008

Ranger with special guest... Banjo 04/24/08

Banjo & Ranger

Banjo & Ranger...

That was once my chair.

Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes...

Banjo's close to 11-weeks-old now. He can jump into the couch by himself. Ranger is less than impressed.



Photos From: J.R. (USA)

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April 22, 2008

Spike and Coco 04/22/08


chocolate labrador retrievers

chocolate labradors

Photos From: Ed (USA)

I want to thank Ed for the continued e-mails with me and the great updated photos of Spike and Coco (and Maggie). To see more of Spike and Coco visit: Spike and Coco 02/11/08

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April 19, 2008

Chloe 04/19/08

black labrador retriever - Chloe

Happy Girl...

Chloe had a very relaxing day around the house with her hanky on. She looks so pretty smiling for the camera!

black labrador - chloe

Gorgeous Chloe...

Sleepy little girl! She curled up on the couch for a little relaxation last night.

black lab - chloe

Princess Chloe on her Throne...

Chloe loves her sleep. I was able to get very close to her for this shot and she never woke up!! Kisses to Sweet Chloe!

Photos From: Leslie (USA)

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April 17, 2008

Watson 04/17/08

black lab - Watson

Photo From: Roy (USA)

Roy had sent in an e-mail to the All About Labradors blog in regards to Watson loosing fur around one eye. To read more on Watson's problem visit: Black Lab Loosing Fur Around One Eye - part I

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April 15, 2008

Duncan 04/15/08

yellow labrador - Duncan

Duncan - 8 weeks...
I love how he looks you in the eyes

yellow labrador

Layin around

yellow lab - Duncan

Duncan - 8 weeks...
There he is looking me in the eyes again. Aww, makes my heart melt!

labrador retriever

Duncan McMuncan...
If there was ever any doubt, the world now has official proof that my son is crazy! Some dogs play with a ball, Duncan plays with a splashblock from the gutter.


Duckie Dog...
Duncan with his favorite toy, before it was

Photos From: Juicy Jaay (USA)

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April 12, 2008

Cleo 04/12/08

chocolate labrador retriever - Cleo

Butter wouldn't melt Cleo

chocolate labrador swimming - Cleo

Cleo swimming

chocolate lab - Cleo

Cleo 5 months

chocolate labrador retriever puppy - Cleo

 chocolate lab puppy - Cleo

Photos From: christring252 (Parts Unknown)

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April 10, 2008

Paddy 04/10/08

black labrador retriever picture - Paddy


I don't know what kind of expression this is..

black labrador retriever - Paddy 2006-08-27_5242

black lab - Paddy

....and no, Paddy didn't manage to carry it all the way back home :-D

Photos From: princejaffa (UK)

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April 07, 2008

Bagel 04/07/08

yellow labrador retriever - Bagel

My name is Bagel...

yellow labrador - Bagel

Our labrador named Bagel...

Explore February 13, 2007 #450

Photos From: Cora (Philippines)

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April 05, 2008

Furgus 04/05/08

yellow labrador retriever - Furgus

yellow labrador - Furgus

yellow lab - Furgus

yellow labrador retriever - Furgus

Photos From: Electa (Canada)

Electa had sent in an e-mail pertaining to Furgus having a problem with food. To read more on this visit: Yellow Labrador Retriever is Crazy for Food - part I

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Max 04/05/08

black labrador retriever - max

Do we really need to be here?

Max the doing the tourist trek.



Photos From: nameoftontoshorse (Parts Unknown)

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April 02, 2008

Melvin 04/02/08

black labrador retriever - Melvin

Melvin the dog...

This dog belongs to my sister in law. I am not a "dog person" but I have to admit that this guy is so adorable and "human" that he almost made me a "dog person".

Photo From: Göran (Sweden)

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