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December 30, 2007

Diego 12/30/07

black labrador retriever - Christmas


This isn't my most wonderful picture of Diego. But it still makes me laugh. I have this horrible habit of waiting until Christmas day to take pictures of Diego all dressed up. And as you can see he looks rather dashing. But with little kids and other dogs zipping around it was difficult to set up a good shot...that and I forgot to turn off the flash.

black labrador - Christmas

My Snowman!

I will have to explain the story behind this snowman. I bought this thing about 2 weeks before Christmas. Diego was with me at the pet store. He saw me bring home a half dozen toys for his other doggy friends. I put the snowman up high to pack away later for him. He stood at that desk and stared up at that snowman. He wanted it soooo much.

Eventually it got packed away and he looked so forlorn. Since he didn't understand we were traveling 10 hours north for Christmas. I wrapped it while he was outside one day and stuck it under the tree with the rest of the families presents.

Sure enough soon as he came in he knew something was up and went to the tree and sniffed HIS gift. So...back up it went. There was already an issue of the cats taking it upon themselves to open their gift. Christmas day I handed him the package, he opened it with vigor and cuddled with it. Trying to hide with it so he wouldn't have to share it with the other dogs. He's a weird dog.

black lab - Christmas

Mr. Santa Paws

"Take back the holly and mistletoe
Silver bells on string
If I wrote a letter to Santa Claus
I would ask for just one thing
I don't need sleigh rides in the snow
Don't want a Christmas that's blue
Take back the tinsel, stockings, and bows
'Cuz all I want for Christmas is you

I don't need expensive things
They don't matter to me
All that I want, can't be found
Underneath the Christmas tree
You are the angel atop my tree
You are my dream come true
Santa can't bring me what I need
'Cuz all I want for Christmas is you"

-Vince Vance and the Valliants

Photos From: Sasha (Canada)

Wonderful photos of Diego and great stories about the photos. Thank you Sasha!!

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