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December 27, 2008

Fire and Biscuit 12/27/08


Fire will be 8 on January 5 2009. Fire came home to us when she was 10 months old, all trained up for hunting. For the last 7 years, she has literally been THE best dog EVER! She is an amazing hunter and an even better best friend. We have 2 children (now 4 and 5) that have poked, prodded, stolen food and chewies, everything, and Fire just remains as sweet and loving as ever! Her hunting is coming to an end (which is one reason we brought Biscuit home) and I am going to try and have her tested with the Good Citizen Test so she can become a therapy dog, as she will always just love people.


Biscuit was born on September 27 2008.


Fire and Biscuit

Photos from: Elizabeth (USA)

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