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February 15, 2009

Shila 2/15/09


Shila at 10 weeks.

Photo from: Kenneth (USA)

You can see another photo of the beautiful Shila here: Shila 1/24/09

After I posted the first photo of Shila on Labrador Retriever Pictures, I received an e-mail from NowPublic who were running a news story about a cloned Yellow Lab. Even though Shila is not the cloned Lab, they wanted to use the photo in the story.

I contacted Kenneth and he let them use the photo. You can read the article and see the photo of Shila used in the article here: Lancelot Encore: Dog Clone of Beloved Yellow Lab Costs $155,000.

Underneath the article you will see a box titled "Photos". If you click on the "See all footage" link, you will see all the photos of the Labrador Retrievers used for the article, including Shila.

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