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November 09, 2009

Sandy, Yogi, C.J. Mavis, Dylan, Howdy & Earl 11/9/09

Pictured in the photo from right to left: Sandy, Yogi, C.J. (C.J. is sort of hard to see at first - in the very back), Mavis, Dylan, Howdy & Earl.

I know it doesn't at first appear to be 7 dogs, but when you look closely, you can see C.J. in the very back, behind Mavis (her hat is on the SIDE of her head, and C.J.'s hat is on TOP of his head).

Sandy, Yogi, C.J. Mavis, Dylan, Howdy & Earl

We bbq-ed hamburgers and hotdogs for all. We had a pinata full of pigs ears, squeaky toys, and live squirrels (just kidding about the live squirrels). We love our beautiful labs!

Photo from: Ellie (USA)

Great photo Ellie. Got your hands full! Thanks!

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