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February 22, 2010

Lobo 2/22/10

E-mail from Jennifer:

"G'day Fay,

Can't believe how time flies and our lab mates grow older...all of a sudden Lobo will turn 2 next month...

Seeing the latest photo of Mimi at 12 years old makes me realise that they are beautiful creatures through all the ages.

Who's a spoilt dog ????


This is Lobo heading to town ...


Always got to take your bone with you....who knows who you'll meet.


As we all know, Labs gain weight by breathing oxygen so Lobo has been on a diet and happily, the scales are now going the right way! He's a lovely happy boy.

Always enjoy the web site.


As always, thank you for keeping us updated with the ever wonderful Lobo. He looks great. I appreciate your sharing the photos of Lobo as he grows!

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