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June 08, 2010

Sonny 6/8/10

Sonny boy...

Sonny boy

Sonny is one of the older dogs (12), he can be a devil for sneaking off an odd time,usually he will head for the local smokehouse in search of a treat from the owners,recently he went awol and visited the village down the road, when we went in search of him we asked a window cleaner if he had seen an old labrador."Old ?" replied the window cleaner ,"he's not old,I shouted at him for raiding a bin and he managed to jump a 6 foot fence when he heard me,no old dog could do that!"..........................Sonny can!

Father & Son...

Father & Son

Paddy (big tongue) with his father Sonny,both trained gundogs.

Photos from adore62 - (Parts Unknown)

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