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July 22, 2010

AJ 07/22/10


chocolate Labrador Retriever photos

There's love in her eyes.

Sniff sniff...

chocolate Labrador Retriever photos

I love AJ she has such an adoring gaze.

Been signed off work for stress/anxiety, I'm actually relieved, i need to find some time to do things for myself, baths, walks, DVDs etc etc. Just to let you know that I'm OK though xxxxx.

AJ Smiling...

chocolate Labrador Retriever pictures

Yum yum chewy football...

chocolate Labrador Retriever pictures

AJ was having a nice time chewing the football :)

Photos from: Roseygogs - AKA Rose (England)

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Rose said...

Thankyou for posting my photos and crediting me. (Only just found it)
Rose x

Fay said...

Thank you Rose for sharing the fabulous AJ!!