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October 12, 2010

Raven 10/12/10

A True Phillies Fan!

black Labrador Retriever - Raven

Raven loves her Phillies. She loves it when the whole family crowds into the livingroom and hollers and cheers the team on.She is our good luck puppy! Since she has come to live with us we have been NL champs. I think red is her color!

From sun up.....

black Labrador Retriever - Raven sun down. That's how long Raven would want to play on the beach.....she just loves her morning runs down here!

"Who's got the opener?"

black Labrador Retriever - Raven

I took Raven down to the beach early this a.m. We spent a good half hour playing fetch with her squeaky beer bottle. Now she is passed out on the front porch.....I wore her little doggie butt out!

Isn't This Fun?

black Labrador Retriever - Raven

When I wouldn't cooperate and throw the stick for her, she started running around, tossing it up in the air and catching it herself. She has NO PROBLEM playing by herself.

My Bunkmate...

black Labrador Retriever - Raven

Raven feels bad that Larry can't be down at the shore to keep me company so she sleeps with me at night to make sure that I don't get lonely. She hogs way more of the bed and covers than Larry does!!!

"That sure looks yummy!"

"That sure looks yummy!"

Raven is watching me eat a popsicle , her little doggie tongue hanging out.Hey......I would have shared, but it was chocolate!

Photos from: judecat - AKA Judy (USA)

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