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March 24, 2011



Niko - black Labrador Retriever

"Here boy!"


black Labrador Retriever

Nest in Peril...

black Labrador Retriever

Niko found a bird's nest in the date palm the other day, and has been obsessed with trying to get it ever since. It's just out of his reach, fortunately, for the nestlings. If that palm frond should sway a bit lower, I'm sure he'd be able to get it. Hopefully the chicks will mature and fly away before that eventuality.

Niko Goes For A Swim...

Niko - black Labrador Retriever

At Patrick and Jan's house. He wasn't too fond of the water, which is surprising for a Labrador. Probably he needs to get used to it, and there were so many other exciting new things to sniff.

Photos from: todd* - Todd (USA)

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