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April 21, 2011


Doggone Good Dog...

Tiffany - yellow Labrador Retriever

A puppy not longer, Tiffany is now eleven years old. Most labs usually aren't around much longer than 12 years. We're hoping Tiffany breaks a record in that department. She's really a good dog.

Great Expectations!

Tiffany - yellow Labrador Retriever

No smokes for me! Tiffany waits patiently outside a convenience store. She's come to now expect a treat if someone goes in a store.

News Flash! Dog Accused of Eating The Easter Bunny!

Tiffany - yellow Labrador Retriever

Children all over the world are hysterical over the demise of their beloved "Easter bunny'. TIFFANY HART of Lenox, Ma has been charged with the heinous crime. This case is expected to go to court during the "Dog Days" of summer.

Photos from: Photographic Poetry - AKA Roger (USA)

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