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September 09, 2007

Wrigley 9/09/07

black labrador retriever

One year old Wrigley.

Photo from: Kathy (USA)

Kathy wrote us in regards to a hair loss problem around Wrigley's right eye. To read more, click: Black Labrador Retriever losing hair around right eye - part I

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Anonymous said...

It's 2010 but I have just come across this post after looking for some guidance on exactly the same thing. My black lab Freddy is 18 months old, eats naturediet and special dog muesli and pedigree biscuits together. He is regularly walked and plays and behaves like a healthy happy dog. About a week ago I noticed a little balding round his right eye. No itching or goo coming out of his eye, no itching anywhere on his body. He has a lovely shiny coat. The vet was a little mystified by it but is treating him for a bacterial hair follicle infection and gave me an antibiotic ointment and said come back in a week. If not better will take a scraping. Doesn't seem to bother Freddy as much as it bothers me because it looks so odd. I will update you if it goes on. Would be good to know if Wrigley made a complete recovery or whether anything else came up with his eye. Thanks for reading this. Janie

Fay said...

Hello Janie, thanks for your comment. I never received a final outcome on Wrigley. Please keep us updated on Freddy along the way as I would like to do a post on All About Labradors in regards to Freddy's situation and outcome. Thanks.