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January 09, 2008

Negra 01/09/08

black labrador retriever - Negra

My son Raúl “Rulo” with his service dog Negra, who is his shadow. She is by his side the whole day. Rulo loves his dog and from the day that Negra is at home, the changes in his behaviour are visible.

black labrador - Negra

black lab - Negra

Negra is a black lab, 14 month old. She is from a local breeder who has the best blood lines in Lab that you can find in Chile (I understand). Many of the dogs are used as guide dogs, etc.

black labrador - Negra

My little son Raimundo was born in Dec-12. Me and kids visited him. In Chile we have a disabled law (20.025) that allows disabled people to get in to public and private buildings, so we went to the hospital and know him!!

A couple of weeks ago a blind man wasn´t accepted in the same hospital, so I need to create a strategy in order to stay in the same room than my son. This day I was so happy on be so hard headed to go in to the hospital!!

labrador retriever - Negra

Crazy or not?
Negra is a close friend of our 6 yr old cat.

Photos From: Raúl (Chile)

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