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January 27, 2008

Porter and Murphy 01/27/08

yellow labrador retriever - Porter


chocolate labrador retriever - Murphy


labrador retrievers - Murphy & Porter

labradors - Murphy & Porter

labs - Murphy & Porter

Photos From: Carin (USA)

Carin had sent in an e-mail in regards to Porter's chewing problem. If you would like to read more, visit: My Yellow Labrador is Chewing Everything - part I

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Joanne Monia said...

Oh my gosh your dogs are beautiful!! We have a chocolate lab Marley 6 yrs old and Tyree who is almost 2....your dogs look so much like ours....having trouble with Tyree chewing shoes, socks and all garbages in every room....papertowels...etc, etc...good luck...great looking dogs!