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February 14, 2008

Clara of Coul and Honey 02/14/08

yellow labrador retrievers - Gin and Honey

Introducing Clara of Coul, a.k.a. 'Ginger' and her (reluctant) stepmother, 'Honey'.

yellow labrador - Cool Clara of Coul

Cool Clara of Coul...

Labradors love water, except for bath time. So this trug, used as a water trough on warm days, became a mini cooler for labrador puppy 'Ginger'.

Photos From: Alan (Location Unknown)

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Alan A said...

these pictures are mine.

alan atkinson

do not steal pictures: ask nicely beforehand!!

Bad dog!

Fay said...

Hi Alan, thanks for your comment. I did not steal pictures, you signed up to be part of the Our Lovable Labrador pictures on Flickr. There are rules posted that you would have had to read before you joined the group. The rules state that photos listed in the Our Lovable Labrador group will be posted to Labrador Retriever Pictures or All About Labradors (both blogs have been combined now).

My apologies for any miscommunication with this matter. If you would like me to remove the photos, please let me know. Thanks.