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February 01, 2008

Ebony 02/01/08

black labrador retriever - Ebony

Keep me away from this puppy!

Ebony relaxing in the yard for a moment, after trying to keep away from Lily as much as possible. Of course, as soon as I went to Ebony to take her picture, Lily came running behind me to see what was going on, and Ebony had to move again. :P

black labrador - Ebony

Ebony is now 11.

Her birthday was February 2. :P

black lab - Ebony


If you look at Ebony's tail, you can see what I mean about her allergies. She's bitten/scratched the fur off of it, and it's mostly scar tissue. We've given her meds and a lot of other stuff, and try to stop her.. but..

Photos From: Paige (USA)

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