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January 11, 2011


November 27, 2010

"I spent Saturday recovering from Thanksgiving and Black Friday by doing laundry and hanging with my dogs. A nice thing about a puppy is they fit in places a full grown dog won't (which is a negative sometimes though). So I put Cooper in this green chair and realized it was a Kodak moment."

Cooper - yellow Labrador Retriever

December 6, 2010

"Having a puppy means taking a lot of pictures of said puppy. I don't want people to think I don't leave my house since most of my pictures are of my dogs. I do leave my house, but most of the non-dog pictures I take are passed over for the cute dog pictures I took during the day. I was thinking about posting a picture of a house decorated for Christmas, but it was blurry. So instead of posting a sub-par, non-dog picture, I had to post this picture. It was too cute not to."

Cooper - yellow Labrador Retriever

Photos from: singinpretty (Parts unknown)

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