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January 28, 2011


Looking pretty...

yellow Labrador Retriever - Dylan

My wonderful yellow lab Dylan - he loves to have his picture taken.

But mom...

yellow Labrador Retriever - Dylan

This the sad, pathetic look he gave me when I told him it was time to go inside because momma was freezing half to death :) Poor Dylan never gets to have any fun ;)


yellow Labrador Retriever - Dylan

Dylan out strolling in the snow and frigid weather last winter... Usually labs are hearty outdoor dogs but mine has become a totally indoor dog and hates the cold :)

Keeper of the pumpkins...

yellow Labrador Retriever - Dylan

Dylan..the big, fercious yellow lab..keeping an eye out for pumpkin thieves! Actually he couldn't hurt a fly..well he'd eat a fly..but he is a big baby :)

Sniff Sniff...

yellow Labrador Retriever - Dylan

Dylan last Spring out in the yard playing with his toy and sniffing everything in sight :) Poor guy has cabin fever..I think he is looking forward to Spring even more than I am!

Photos from PepOmint (USA)

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