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May 31, 2007

Bubba Cayne 6/01/07

HRCH Carolina's Smoke Raizin Cayne

HRCH Carolina's Smoke Raizin Cayne

Stuttgart, Arkansas 2006

Stuttgart, Arkansas 2006... It was a cripple and he had to put on a chase. The bird turned and hissed at him... then he turned to look at me... with a look of ... what the hell? I proceeded with FETCH IT UP ! So, this is his first bird of the season.

Bubba Cayne cooling off

Bubba Cayne cooling off in Dad's fountain. oops!

Bubba had been running in 80 degree heat over 70 acres and this is the only water in site! He tried to lay down but obviously he is too big. He turned around in a circle about ten times and just gave up.

Photos From: Terrye Lyne (USA)

Terrye Lyne also owns a beautiful Labrador named Tessa' 6/07/07.

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