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May 09, 2007

Cosmo 5/09/07

yellow labrador retriever

This is our first yellow Labrador. He is a pure joy!

From: Connie (USA)

Connie sent me an e-mail in regards to Cosmo having a problem with hair loss from both of his sides. To read more on Cosmo: Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part I

Thanks for the photo Connie, he is a handsome Labrador Retriever. I'm happy to hear he is doing better!

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Anonymous said...

Cosmo is a wonderful-looking yellow lab. We have a yellow lab named Kassie who is just about the same color. They're definitely a joy to have around.

Fay said...

Thanks for visiting both blogs. If you have photos of Kassie, please e-mail them to me and I will post them. Will include link to your website also.

Savannah said...

I have a chocolate lab who turned three-years-old this past April. He has the exact same problem, hair loss on each side of his body. It seems to be working up towards his back now. Its very little left which is dry and dull. He doesn't have an allergies or skin issues. Just loss of hair. I was told to use olive oil in his food, but that hasn't worked. You mentioned Omega. I should put some of my flex seed in his food and see if that helps.

I hope we both find a solution soon. Your doggy is really cute. Looks just like mine, except for the color. Just goofing around. LOL.


Anonymous said...

I have a Yellow lab (speedy) about 18 months old who has the same hair loss issue ( on both sides ). Cosmos is a awesome looking lab.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if any of this was resolved. I too have an almost 2 year old lab who is losing fur on one side of her body. I've switched to an organic food but it doesn't seem to be helping. Just wondering if anyone has found a definitive solution or treatment.

Fay said...
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Fay said...

Hi read the post at the bottom of these comments (where it states links to this post) to see if they are any help to you.

Update - Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides

Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part I

Anonymous said...

hi just been reading your blog about cosmos problem
has his condition improved?
we have a golden lab Monty and he is the light of our life the picture of cosmo is an exact replica of Monty
oddly enought earlier this year we lost our 1st dog also named cosmo

Fay said...

The last I spoke with Connie, who is the owner of Cosmo, she stated Cosmo's condition was improving. There are links at the bottom of these comments where you can read all about Cosmo and his progress.

My condolences on the loss of your Cosmo.

If you would like to send in a photo of either of your Labrador Retrievers, I will post them here on this blog.