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May 11, 2007

Eiko 5/11/07

black labrador retriever

Queen of the beach!

black labrador

Mad look. She's thinking: "What are they doing to me now?"

black lab

Soapy coiffure!

After the soaping, the rinsing will begin soon...On this picture, Eiko is attached to a bucket full of water. Otherwise she would have been rubbing of the soap on the walls and windows! Once attached to the bucket, my sister Florence was able to take this picture (notice the different point of view)!

Love the photos Daphné, thank you. My personal favorite is the shot of Eiko getting a bath.

I also want to add that Eiko has been trained to be a service dog in Belgium, with her training being done by Hachiko. Big congratulations to Eiko and Daphné !!

Photos From: Daphné (Belgium)

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