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March 29, 2010

Teddy 3/29/10


Teddy (5/3665)

Hiking South Mountain.

No we are not going out again...

No we are not going out again 48/365/2010

Teddy laying on top of the shoes I just came home in. I suppose it was his hope that we would not go out again after being out all morning.

Teddy Bear...

Teddy Bear

This past week someone told me how to make my B&W's look better. I liked this one of Teddy, it almost looks like a sketched image.

Teddy Smiling...

Teddy Smiling 39/365

Teddy was so happy. We played with the ball for 2 hours after I got home tonight. I started playing with a software a wonderful, photography friend introduced me to. This picture is dedicated to her in thankfulness.

Uploaded by saraho25 - AKA: Sarah (USA)

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