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February 18, 2011


Digging for chipmunks is dirty work...

Ben - black Labrador Retriever

Ben, my faithful shadow, except when he is chasing chippies!

Mt Laurel_Ben...

Ben - black Labrador Retriever

Ben patiently waiting for me to release him from his "sit" by the pretty mountain Laurel.

Mt Laurel_Ben...

Ben - black Labrador Retriever

I rode Skyler last night and took Ben along for some serious exercise. This is a forestry road on the ridge behind our property - Pennsylvania state flower is in bloom (mountain laurel). Ben was our "scout" for the 2 hour ride.

Begging Ben...

Ben - black Labrador Retriever

Ben's new favorite trick "sit pretty".

Photos by craftcorral - AKA: Denise (USA).

The handsome Ben has been featured on Labrador Retriever Pictures in a Christmas photo: Ben 12/18/08

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