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February 21, 2011


Holly In 3D...

Holly - chocolate Labrador Retriever

This evening we went to see the movie Up. The movie is a delightful story about an elderly man who fulfills his deceased wife's dream. Along the way, he finds friendship, camaraderie, action, adventure, love, a renewed spirit and purpose in life. There are great dog jokes and animal jokes that have you laughing and possibly shedding a tear or two. A fantastic movie for the entire family. These are my 3D glasses from the movie and Holly looks so smart framed in 3D glasses.

It's Cider Time...

Holly - chocolate Labrador Retriever

My dog Holly loves eating apples. She has a very large apple from the local orchard as today's treat. She prefers apples over any other treat.

Loaves Of Fun...

Holly - chocolate Labrador Retriever

Holly was given a slice of Italian bread as a little treat and instead of eating the bread, she took it outside and dug in the dirt with it, tossed it in the air and played with it like a ball. It is still out in the backyard waiting for her to resume their play session.

Holly - 6, Penguins - 0...

Holly - chocolate Labrador Retriever

Like a good Detroit sports fan, Holly celebrates the Stanley Cup Finals by showing her Detroit Red Wings team support. It's Penguin Eating Time!

Sun & Shadow Retriever...

Holly - chocolate Labrador Retriever

Holly on a full steam ahead retrieval of the oversized tennis ball back to me for another throw of the ball.

Photos from: JKissnHug - AKA Janet (USA). Janet publishes a beautiful nature photography & birding blog which you can see at Nature's Feather Music.

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