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February 15, 2011


You will never guess what Sid likes to do? CHEW! LOL. Here he found a piece of tree bark.

Sid - yellow Labrador Retriever

"You want me to what....walk on this thing called a leash?"

Sid - yellow Labrador Retriever

Sid actually does pretty good on his walks....but he always stops in the middle of them and gives me this look.

Smiling Sid...

Sid - yellow Labrador Retriever

Sid is growing by leaps and bounds. He is actually way too big for me to pick up anymore. He is the most easiest dog I have ever trained - he knows sit, stay, here and on good days shake. All achieved with yummy puppy bones.

This is him looking and waiting for his treat. We love this boy! He is just the sweetest.

Inside looking out...

Sid - yellow Labrador Retriever

He's so goofy! But we love this mutt! And, I fear that I will ever never have a clean door again - he is always snotting all over it. :0

Driving Miss Daisy...

Sid - yellow Labrador Retriever

Sid loves going in the car ~ jumps right up on the driver's side.

Photos from rachel.plowman (parts unknown)

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Elkes Kreatives Spinnst├╝bchen said...

Whau a nice little dog. And theese eyes - this view.... Great

chudexs said...

This dog reminds me of the dog
my family ever had.
Loly name. he died from was hit by a car.
after a hit he could still go home with a very sad face,
his eyes shed tears. then we need
vet but not easy to find.
Loly finally died with tears in his eyes from and of our family,
My nephew who was hysterical because it's good friends died.